• 1) NAV APP: How to find more rich content / info on places

    It is possible to find more information on the POIs/waypoints on our maps, where we have the relevant information available. 

    In this example, we have rich content on Maabwe Bay Chalets.

    In this screen, you can tap on the name of the place on the top.


    The next screen will be displayed, where you will see any 'Place information' like contact details we may have. If we have the email address and website address, then that will be displayed in this screen as well.

    If you then tap on the Tracks4Africa logo in the top right hand corner (ie. as per the screen above) - you can find further info on the POI. (note: where you don't see this logo on a POIs "Place information" screen, it means that we have no further information available on it).


    The following screen will then appear with information like a description, activities, facilities, rates etc. where we have this type of info available. And if there are photos, up to 3 photos will be displayed.



  • 4) NAV APP: Exporting tracks from the Navigator App

    We have managed to export the tracks from an Android phone, but not with Apple. To start with you need to be sure that you are recording your tracks, so under Trip Monitor settings, you have to enable auto-saving, and enable Save Track Log. If your tracks are recorded, you can click on the three stripes at the bottom right of the screen, and select “useful information” and then select “trip monitor” – a list of all the recorded tracks will show. One can now click on the arrow at the bottom right of the screen, and select “export all”. If there is not enough space on the phone to export all in one go, you have to select the tracks one by one and export them one by one – a time consuming exercise. To find the exported files on your phone, go to “File – internal storage – Android – data – – tracks – 01” and a list of the tracks that were exported will show. You can select them all and share via email, or if you connect the phone to the computer, you can just copy it from here to the computer. Note that only the tracks are exported, there is no way to export waypoints that you recorded – you can make a screenshot of the waypoints you want to keep and create a new waypoint on the computer using those coordinates. If the tracks are not exported to the internal storage, select “File-SD card” and follow the same path on the SD card. We have not yet managed to do this for an Apple phone, it seems to try and save the data on an SD card, and Apple does not have SD cards in their phones, so we continually get an error message when we try this on Apple.
  • 5) NAVIGATOR APP: Stops tracking

    If you experience a problem on this APP where it stops tracking you - is something that our third party developers just don't seem to get right. It happens when you zoom and pan too many times on the map. The only way to resolve is by a restart.
  • 6) NAV APP: Difference between the T4A Navigator App and the T4A Guide App

    The T4A Guide App is an information guide, with rich contents and photos on certain Waypoints like lodges, campsites, restaurants etc. all on a digital background map. The user can pan on the map to see his/her location and what typs of Waypoints are nearby. This is NOT a navigational app.

    Have a look at a video here of our Guide App.

    The T4A Navigator App, is basically the T4A GPS maps transformed into a format compatible on smartphones and devices. So you can navigate, set routes etc. on this app, just as you would on a GPS. There is also rich content and photos on Waypoints where available.

    Have a look at a video here of our Navigator App.

    Find the T4A Navigator App on iTunes:


    Find the T4A Navigator App on the PlayStore:

  • 7) NAV APP: Tips & Tricks using this App

    For more info on using this APP, please view this document on Tips & Tricks on the T4A Overland Navigator App.

  • 8) NAV APP: Where can I buy the T4A Overland Navigator App?

    You can purchase our apps on the Google Play store (for Android Devices like Samsung etc.) or on the iStore (for Apple/iOS devices).

    Find the T4A Navigator App on iStore:


    Find the T4A Navigator App on the PlayStore:

  • 9) NAV APP: Where can I find more information on the Navigator APP?

  • 10) NAV APP: Compatibility

    Please note that our Navigator APP is only compatible with cellphone, tablet or ipad devices. (ie. not with in-car navigation android type systems).