Traveller’s Atlas Southern Africa (Free Canvas Bag Included here only!) (A3)

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This Atlas, in A3 size, is specifically aimed at self-drive travellers. Apart from having reliable maps and being well-prepared for border crossings, the self-drive tourist also needs to know where to sleep, get fuel, buy food, get help in case of an emergency and discover what there is to see.



The Atlas is printed in A3 size, weighs 1.3kg (canvas bag included), has a laminated cover, is wiro bound and the pages are printed on silk matt art paper. Please note: if you purchase directly from the Tracks4Africa Online Shop you get a free canvas bag, this offer is not available at retailers.

This Atlas covers ten countries in Southern Africa and is specifically aimed at self-drive travellers. The countries included are: Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Atlas features 108 map pages with the same trusted map detail for which Tracks4Africa is renowned.

Map features include:
  • All major roads as well as 107 170km of off-road tracks.
  • Distance and travel time between towns.
  • Essential facilities available in towns.
  • Camping and lodging.
  • 614 Tourist attractions.
  • All border crossings, with opening times.
  • All international airports, with IATA/ICAO codes.
  • 462 Protected areas.

The first section of the Atlas includes valuable travel information about each of the ten countries. The information about border crossings and top tourist attractions will help you to be well-prepared for your trip and the sections on driving conditions will assist you while on the road.

31 reviews for Traveller’s Atlas Southern Africa (Free Canvas Bag Included here only!) (A3)

  1. Johan Brink (verified owner)

    We are very happy vir this Atlas
    It helped us on our trip to Lesotho

  2. danie kruger (verified owner)

    Danie Kruger
    Very good, well presented and good quality Atlas – must just find an excuse to use it more often !!

  3. LmatT4A (verified owner)

    Looks like a good book for planning and back up when electronics fail

  4. Johan le Roux (verified owner)

    Lots of valuable info and a nice big format for easy reading!

  5. Fritz Luttich (verified owner)

    Goeie praktiese en bruikbare detail inligting – ek het begrip vir al die detail wat vertoon moet word maar ‘n A4 formaat met meer bladsyse sal verkieslik wees. Die huidige A3 formaat is prakties moeilik om in voertuig te gebruik. Ek sal ook voorstel dat die voor en agterblaaie kan inskuif in deursigtige “houers” om die atlas te koppel aan die seil omslag wat terselfdertyd ook bergspasie sal bied aan los notas en of brosjures wat ons almal van tyd tot tyd bymekaar maak.

  6. Roger Pearce (verified owner)

    Great, should have bought one a long time ago. A Namibia trip is coming up so we will see.

  7. Ernst Thompson (verified owner)

    Excellent! Best road book ever. Helped me with the planning of an extensive Botswana trip as well as requirements.

  8. GeraldBoting (verified owner)

    Love it! browsing thru it and understanding all the info just makes the bucket list of ‘to do’ road trips so much longer!!!

  9. Steve Hillary (verified owner)

    This is a great atlas and I would highly recommend it if you intend doing ‘big trips’. We’ve just returned from 3 weeks on the Skeleton coast and in Kaokoland, and the atlas, coupled with the T4A maps on my GPS, was invaluable for our planning.

  10. Awie Botha (verified owner)

    Quick service and a quality document. Most trustworthy map with lots of info. Highly recommended for any traveler.

  11. robepat1 (verified owner)

    Nice easy reading format and the bag is great to protect the book

  12. Alex Bellingan (verified owner)

    Excellent! Great road book. Trustworthy map with lots of info. Highly recommended for any traveler. No need for all the individual maps

  13. Ze Laia (verified owner)

    Very nice. Worth every penny

  14. Richard Weingaertner (verified owner)

    Interessing format as you have most needed roads at one page. Good overall information. Can reccomend it without any restrictions.

  15. Lawrence Blane (verified owner)

    Thank you for the wonderful road atlas. It covers Southern Africa in great detail and is a must for any overland trip. I would also like to compliment you on your efficient service. Ordered and delivered in two days. Excellent effort from Tracks4Africa.

  16. Martin Van Der Merwe (verified owner)

    Excellent reference guide!

  17. Manda TRAYLOR (verified owner)

    We have only just received the book – it looks great and makes for inspiring “reading”. The size is quite big, and I will have to see how that works practically when we are on the road.

  18. Peter Warren (verified owner)

    It is good to have this vital source of information in book form. It has already proved useful in combination with T4A Garmin maps and MPSA in planning our trips both through Lesotho and down to the Western Cape from Howick, KZN.

    However, there are features that we would have preferred to be done differently. We expected the A3 size was used so more information could be displayed on one page, but in fact it contains less information than the paper T4A Traveller’s map. The data could have been presented in A4 size making it more manageable in the car. The cartography is in fact poor and unattractive. We wanted to know if the A24 in Lesotho to Telle Bridge is tarred. We are still uncertain, and it is hard to find out with the book sitting on the lap writing this review. The information pages could have been in a separate (A4) booklet, and in Times New Roman font without loss of legibility. Some of the information is also wrong as you need three months not six passport validity.

    Yet without it one is stuck, so be thankful for what you have got. We will see as we use it in the field.

  19. Leon Lombard (verified owner)

    Excellent product with detailed maps. A must have for any overland trip. Very good aid to give you perspective of directions, etc when working on a GPS as zooming out on the GPS for this, looses too much detail. Will definitely not venture onto a next trip without my maps.
    Good quality maps with waterproof quality.

  20. willievosloo (verified owner)

    Very practical, detailed and complete !!

  21. danie buys (verified owner)

    Looks like a good book for planning and back up when electronics fail. I don’t know if I missed it but GPS coordinates of popular places or POI on the map would be great.

    • Janine Reyneke

      Hi Danie

      Glad you like the Atlas. We don’t print GPS coordinates because there is too much room for error – if just one or two digits are copied and typed into a GPS unit incorrectly – it could take you to the completely wrong place – and then T4A gets blamed for it 🙂
      We do print town poi names and attractions etc – but because of the scale of the atlas it is not possibly to include poi names everywhere – it will be completed cluttered.
      Hope this answers you.

  22. robbieb (verified owner)

    Very happy with the atlas. Very detailed and absolutely wonderful for planning any trip. Good quality. Don’t know how I managed without it. Thank you!

  23. Jacques Dreyer (verified owner)

    I think it is a GREAT book – it just needs a decent FULL SIZE map over two pages in the beginning of the book with most of the major roads on it – THAT would make it FANTASTIC!!!!

  24. Christopher van Zyl (verified owner)

    Excellent product – Nothing like a proper paper map as back up to all our electronic-dependent gadgetry.

  25. benvt (verified owner)

    Uitstekende waardevolle produk! Die datum van die uitgawe is wel al twee jaar gelede – 2017. (Dis belangrik om te weet hoe oud kaarte is voor mens dit gebruik – publiseer dit asb op voorblad.) Oorweeg asb die moontlikheid van ‘n addendum met opdaterings waar inligting verander sedert publikasiedatum. Dit sou waardevol wees as diegene wat dit gekoop het dit elektronies (per epos) kan ontvang.

  26. Nicholas Knott-Craig (verified owner)

    Excellent maps

  27. Edrick Muller (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, nice bag.
    Just to scared that i will rip the paper, feels that it might rip easily.

    • Janine Reyneke

      Hi Edrick – we have not had any complaints or problems with our paper qualify – but let us know if you do!
      best regards, Janine

  28. anacreon barnard (verified owner)

    Have not used the Atlas yet, but have used three of the paper (fold out) maps. Each of these I have had laminated so that I can write on them and store them rolled up in a plastic down / drain pipe which hangs from the roof of my canopy. As per other comments the A3 size might be a little cumbersome in the Cab, however same goes for the laminated paper maps. Most planning is done with coffee in hand on the camp table … where the bigger sizes are useful.

    Service delivery was amazing – Order placed Friday / delivery Monday morning!! Well done guys – JUST LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS

  29. gkahn (verified owner)

    It is an excellent product and good value for money. Super backup for Tracks$Africa on Garmin.

    Would recommend for all travelers.

  30. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it! Also really likes the canvas bag. Love to be able to see everything in printed format:-). Also very useful to show the kids and let them help with the planning of trips. Much nicer than having to do it all on a gps:-). Thanks!

  31. WillemC (verified owner)

    Exactly what I wanted. Beat separate loose maps hands down as I stop for coffee in any case to plan. Need a full size road map with main roads though.

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