When you register your Garmin GPS Maps SD card you will receive the following version of our maps as a free download from your user profile page. In addition to that you will also receive a 50% discount on future versions of our full set of Garmin compatible maps on SD Card or Downloadable Map sets 1 year subscription product. These terms are only applicable to Garmin compatible maps and does not extend to automotive maps.

Note: If you are registering an Garmin GPS Maps SD Card, older than our current version 21.05 - you will receive your free upgrade for the next version that you qualify for from our sales staff, and you will receive an email notifying you of your 50% discount if you wanted to purchase the current release, unless that is your free upgrade.

Note: Garmin GPS Maps SD Cards issued as free upgrades, cannot be registered! iGO/Automotive GPS Maps can also not be registered (See iGO FAQs here).


Register your Garmin GPS SD Card by completing the form

If you are experiencing any difficulties registering your Garmin GPS SD card please feel free to contact us on sales@tracks4africa.co.za with your serial number.

The Serial Number is printed on the outside of the SD Card Packaging.
The Product Key/Number is printed on the inside of the SD Card packaging.