Guide App

The T4A Guide App makes us of your Android or Apple device's GPS receiver to show your location. It combines great cartography with content in an offline package that can travel with you.

This is more of a discovery app which gives you a static but zoomable map which closely resembles a paper map look and feel.  Your position from device will be shown on the map as you move and again its fully offline.  Then there is guide information, points of interest with associated content which you can switch on and off.

This is an information and location orientation app. This is not a navigational app.

T4A Guide App for Android

T4A Guide App for Apple

Navigator App

The Navigator app will guide you from Cape to Cairo and works without an internet connection. It covers all of Africa and gives you a routable map which will work fully offline.  It makes use of the T4A map data, and is essentially the T4A GPS maps on an app. This is a navigational app.

T4A Navigator App for Android

T4A Navigator App for Apple