Our Business Partners

We have several partners to whom we supply data or who assist us with collecting data. If you need to contact us for a data license kindly contact Johann Groenewald

Tracks4Africa data is licensed to the following organisations:


Tracks4Africa data is licensed to Navteq who on their part will create a premium navigation data set which includes Navteq as well as selected Tracks4Africa data.


Kartoza is helping Tracks4Africa put our data online in the form of the Listings maps and Live Map on this site. They are using TileMill, Mapnik, MapServer, MapProxy, PostGIS, pgRouting and GeoDjango to do it, along with some custom software. Kartoza is also assisting us to migrate our data management environment behind the scenes into an Open Source environment including PostGIS and QGIS. Kartoza is the same team from Afrispatial that’s been helping us since 2010; they merged with Linfiniti in 2014 to form Kartoza.


WebTide is proud to be involved in creating this website for Tracks4Africa. The company is a provider of web-based IT solutions and offer services to manage projects from gathering requirements to developing the software to implementing the final solution. Services are delivered with a professional approach yet a friendly and personal touch. WebTide’s speciality is the development of customised web applications which range from basic websites to complex content management systems with integrated tailor-made extensions. WebTide uses Python for its open source development, specifically in Plone, Django and Google App Engine. Jurgen from Webtide joined Tracks4Africa full-time in 2014.