• 1) Garmin Tread XL – Overland Edition Functionality

    Tread XL Overland Findings:

    1. Works with plug and play SD card.
    2. Is picked up by MapInstall/BaseCamp/Express
    3. Route and POI transfer from BaseCamp works per usual. Just on the Garmin have to import waypoints and routes to “trip planner” and “waypoints” from gpx, which it picks up automatically. NOT THROUGH GARMIN EXPLORE. It does not have it. It works the same manner as the Zumo models.
    4. It has a track recorder App similar to the Overlander, which you turn On/Off. Weare assuming that transferring tracks from the Tread to BaseCamp wil work the same as above, just opposite.


    When you plug the tread into the PC (without an SD Card Inserted) it picks up two separate drives inside the Tread.

    This causes MapInstall to pick up the storage as (Internal Storage + SD Card) even though there is no SD card inserted. There is no choice presented to choose between the two drives in drop-down box, similar to the Montana connection in MapInstall.

    If you then send a map set to the Tread via MapInstall, it sends the maps to a “Map” folder on the second drive.

    Then, if the tread is switched on, the maps don’t appear in “MyMaps”.

    However, if you the copy and paste this image file into the “Map” folder of the first Drive via the PC, then it is picked up in “MyMaps” on the Tread.

    APPLE MAC & the Tread: Does not recognise this device, it will not be picked up by Apple - as it is an android based device.