• 1) SHOP: PAYFAST: Debit cards: How can I use my Capitec Global One DEBIT CARD on the PayFast Payment Portal?

    The Capitec Global one Debit Card functions similarly to a credit card on the PayFast Payment Portal - so choose to process a credit card payment transaction on PayFast when using a Capitec Global one Debit Card.


    NOTE: The Capitec Global One Debit Card will NOT work under the "Debit Card" payment area on the PayFast payment portal - only under the "Credit Card" payment area.


  • 2) SHOP: PAYFAST: T4A will not automatically deduct and just process payments from your account without you initiating the transaction via PayFast!

    Please note - if you notice this message on the PayFast payment gateway - please note that this is only if you sign up PayFast subscriptions/recurring billing - it has got nothing to do with Tracks4Africa or our subscription model. You can safely ignore this message - as you you are not going to register any account on PayFast to manage any T4A subscriptions. 

  • 3) SHOP: PAYFAST: Payment Gateway is used for Credit Card, Debit Card payments etc.

    PAYFAST is a secure and reputable payment gateway in South Africa. Please visit their site here for more information about them.

    Why we don't use PayPal: When we were investigating suitable and reputable options for a payment gateway here in South Africa, our developers advised us that we cannot make use of PayPal if we are going to run a ZAR currency based store.