• 1) GPS MAPS: I accidentally deleted my maps on my Tracks4Africa SD card. Will it be possible to reinstall my Tracks4Africa maps on my PC and Garmin GPS unit?

    Yes, you will be able to reinstall the Tracks4Africa maps on your PC and Garmin GPS.

    If you purchased your GPS maps from Tracks4Africa, we will have record of your purchases, and downloadable maps/subscritpions will also be accessible from your profile on our system for re-download. Contact sales for assistance if required.

    Firstly, our Tracks4Africa SD card contains the installation files for Windows and MAC. Explore the contents on the SD card and look for either the PC (i.e. Windows) installation files folder or the Mac Install files folder.


    The folder contains the installation file for your PC (.exe) or Mac (

    Once you’ve installed the maps on your PC successfully, you can transfer them from Garmin MapSource/ Garmin MapInstall to your GPS unit.


    Each time a mapset is sent to a Garmin GPS the previously loaded maps are erased from the GPS. If your Garmap maps are on your SD card, send our maps to your internal memory and vice versa.

    Secondly, if you purchased downloadable GPS Maps from us, they should be in your Account, under your subscription - please go and have a look there in order to download.

    Contact our Sales team if you cannot locate your previous GPS Maps.