If you have purchased a subscription for a Downloadable GPS Map from our online shop over the past 12 months, you will qualify for map upgrades within in a year of that purchase date. Alternatively, if you have purchased our 5 year subscription, you will qualify for map upgrades within the 5 years of that purchase date.

As from release 18.05 in May 2018, all previous downloadable map purchases have been converted into a “Subscription” Model. (See here for more info about our Subscriptions).

Complete & Single Mapset purchases: your active subscription now contains your upgrade to our latest version. You will be entitled to all the map updates we release within the next 12 months / 5 years, until your subscription expires. This could be up to four updates as we aim to release updates every quarter, but it may also depend on the number of changes we make to our map content. We will however release at least two map updates per year.

When a subscription upgrade is released – it will automatically appear as a downloadable product, within your active Subscription, under your account, on our online shop,  that is – if you qualify for it – ie. if the upgrade falls within the year of your active Subscription or within the 5 years of your 5 yearly active Subscription.

NOTE: Click here to see what our current Subscription release is. 

To access your upgrade in your subscription:

Login to our new online site:

Go to “My Account” > “Subscriptions”:


Find your active subscription/s and click to View. (Note: if you only have 1 subscription, the system may jump straight into your subscription details – see screen below).

*Note: the images below are based on previous subscription releases.

Notice the “End Date” of your Subscription.

Your original Downloadable maps should still be available for download on this screen.

Scroll down to “Downloads“.

Click on your latest download to access your upgrade – Windows and Mac links are available.

Also see our User Guides and Videos here with easy to follow step by step instructions to assist you with installing the downloaded Maps onto your PC and then finally onto your GPS!

Subscription Release Versions vs SD Card Release Versions

Please note that our Subscription Products and SD Card products are too completely separate products, and managed differently. The release versions for the two products also usually varies:

SD Card Release Versions:

  • May (eg. 24.05)
  • October (eg. 24.10)
    • Note: Due to COVID-19 impact on retailers we have decided not to release a packaged 20.10 version. We opted to update the 20.05 maps to version 20.05.03 and use the same packaging as for 20.05. All customers who purchased 20.05 will receive this map update together with an additional map update in May 2021 (version 21.05).

Subscription Product Versions:

  • March (eg. 24.03)
  • June (eg. 24.06) (ie. In 2020 our release was 20.05)
  • September (eg. 24.09)
  • December (eg. 24.12)

An SD card upgrade does not imply that there is now a Subscription upgrade too, and a Subscription upgrade does not imply that there is now an SD Card upgrade. The SD Card product versions will rarely be the same as the Subscription product versions and vice versa.