Zambia Traveller’s Paper Map 1st Edition

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Our maps are published from our GPS data. These maps are huge, 1m wide and even longer than that at a scale of 1:1 000 000. They are cleverly engineered to be used inside your car by folding open only the sections you need.

Zambia is a self-drive traveller’s dream.  This vast country with huge rivers and lakes and numerous waterfalls is blessed with largely undeveloped rural areas and national parks that are not overrun with tourists.

When unfolded this map is 1000x1265mm.

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Tracks4Africa maps are built for the self-drive traveller and is packed with information that will enable you to plan your next adventure. The Tracks4Africa Zambia paper map is designed to be used in conjunction with the T4A GPS Map of Zambia.

The map scale is 1:1 000 000 which gives you enough detail but also allows for an overview of the country. The map is printed on PolyArt which is tear and water resistant and will survive your adventures with you.

When unfolded this map is 1000x1265mm.

This Tracks4Africa paper map series are probably the first comprehensive country maps in the world, offering travel time information for the entire road network, be it on tar, gravel or sand!

Tracks4Africa CEO, Johann Groenewald, has spent the last nine years exploring all corners of this evergreen country and fell in love with its unspoilt beauty.

The Tracks4Africa paper map of Zambia was bound to be published sooner or later.  We updated our GPS maps for years on end and have send in many research parties to update the minor roads and tracks in the parks of Zambia.  This 1:1million scale map of Zambia is now the most up to date printed map for the self-drive traveller available.

You will find that all major and minor roads are included together with a vast network of minor gravel and off-road tracks in the rural areas.  All national parks and game reserves are covered and more prominent parks such as the Kafue, Liuwa Plain and South Luangwa has detailed inserts.  We have also shown the locations of major tourist attractions and land marks.

Zambia’s country shape does not lend itself to be printed on one side of a our standard paper size.  We aim to bring a lot of detail into our maps and therefor we print country maps on a scale of 1:1 million which necessitates the country to be split in east and west sides and printed on both sides of the paper.

This allows enough additional space to include the very popular areas adjacent to Zambia such as Katima Mulilo in Nambia, Kasane and Chobe in Botswana, Victoria Falls and Mana Pools in Zimbabwe.

Key features:

• Large 1:1,000,000 scale (large double-sided map)
• Travel times and distances shown on roads
• Large paper map, printed on both sides folds down to easy to use size. Packed in a plastic sleeve for extra protection.
• What you see on the paper map is exactly what you get on T4A GPS Maps
• Comprehensive set of roads and tracks in nature reserves
• Map designed to suit the needs of self-drive travellers
• Border crossings indicated with opening and closing times
• Visit for detail on places of interest
• Printed on tear and water resistant PolyArt paper suitable for outdoor use
• Shaded relief background

The roads, tracks, places of interest as well as the distance data and travel time estimates on the map reflect the collective travel experience of the Tracks4Africa community of travellers over the past 10 years, with every single road being GPS recorded and verified by this community.

In addition to this the Tracks4Africa research team has also driven every major road and visited every single park in the country to verify details.

No need to transfer GPS coordinates from the map to your GPS as everything you see on the map is contained in our T4A GPS Maps. Use T4A GPS Maps to navigate you to all the destinations you see on this country map.

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T4A Traveller's Paper Map of Zambia – First Edition 2020


Large 1:1,000,000

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Paper Map Size

When unfolded this map is 1000x1265mm.

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8 reviews for Zambia Traveller’s Paper Map 1st Edition

  1. Peter Cole (verified owner)

    Despite all the electronic aids to navigation we have these days, there is still nothing quite like looking at a paper map to plan your your route. As usual T4A have produced a great product which we will use on oyur forthcoming trip to Liuwa Plains and Kafue National Parks (Lockdown permitting!!). A good addition to the rest of my T4A map collection. Keep traveling with T4A, Peter Cole

  2. Robert Frey (verified owner)

    Great Map, very easy to fine good relevant information to plan a trip!
    Great to use in combination with the digital version on Garmin BaseCamp and my GPS!

  3. Terry Cowan (verified owner)

    Extremely detailed and comprehensive map of Zambia, very satisfied with usual high quality paper that stands up to rigorous use on overland travels. We have come to rely on T4A paper maps and of course T4A on our Garmin. Incidentally we should have been in Zambia at the moment (May) but CV-19 forced us to cancel/postpone this years trip.

    • Janine Reyneke

      Hi Terry. Thanks for that – and sorry to hear your Zambia trip was cancelled. Keep a look out later this year or early next year for our Zambia self-drive guide book!

  4. Stephen Dominic (verified owner)

    This is an extremely detailed and comprehensive map of Zambia. I am presently planning my first visit to Zambia in November and this is exactly what I needed. I am now the proud owner of the complete range of Tracks4Africa maps. I would not want to travel without them.

    • Janine Reyneke

      Wow! thanks Stephen!

  5. Greg Woodbridge (verified owner)

    Got mine last night, has all the details and info required to plot your way around Zambia.

    Good details on the National Parks too.

  6. Chris Heptinstall (verified owner)

    Great map. Absolutely huge and very detailed. It arrived in Australia within a week. Postage and handling was extortionate, but otherwise I’m very happy. Something for me to treasure.

  7. roy farquharson (verified owner)

    Maybe old fashioned what with GPS but my believe is never be without a good map and I just bought a great one. Spent many happy years in Ndola growing up in the sixties and am planning a trip back there and to south Luangwa.

  8. Brian Cooper (verified owner)

    Service gets 5 stars, little disappointed that the map shows lodges but does not show all the campsites. We are planning a trip to south Luangwa as well as Bengweulu wetlands at the end of May, and not knowing where to camp, makes it difficult to find, as one has to zoom in to 200m on the map (as always) and try to scroll and find campsites. If there is a lodge with a campsite such as Wildlife Camp near south Luangwa, which only shows a lodge, the map should also show a campsite there as well. Hope this info helps, regards. Brian

    • Janine Reyneke

      Hi Brian
      Thanks very much for your input. So how the icons on our paper maps work – the blue icon with a bed indicates a lodge, the green icon with a tent indicates camping, and then if there is lodging and camping we indicate this in a green icon with a bed in it. So a green icon with a bed in it means there is both camping and lodging.
      I’m not sure sure if your comments is referring to our paper map or gps map as you mention zooming in. On our gps map there are now many more campsites as we are researched this for our zambia paper map and upcoming zambia guide book. Wildlife Camp is most definately on our gps maps and is indicated on our paper map as explained above.
      best regards, Janine

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