If you have purchased a version 19.05 GPS Maps SD Card  from us, and you registered it on our online shop, you will now qualify for an upgrade to our latest version 19.10.

Your discount coupon for your upgrade will be available on our online shop when you purchase the new SD Card.

To access your upgrade on SD Card:

Login to our new online site:

Find the latest SD card in the shop. In the menu go to: Shop > GPS Maps (SD Cards)


Add the SD Card to your Cart – and then proceed to View Cart.

(See this example image below – please note this example is based on an older version SD Card)

Your 90% coupon will appear under your product line items – click on the coupon to apply it to your cart total. Your discount will then be applied to your cart total. (ie. why 90%? we have always charged an extra fee for upgrades on SD Card – this fee covers the cost of the actual SD Card).

You can also download a User Guide for either Windows or Mac – with easy to follow step by step instructions to assist you with installing the GPS Maps on SD Card onto your PC for route planning etc.

To access your upgrade on a Downloadable Link – if you previously purchased ver 19.05 SD Card:

Since you have purchased a version 19.05 GPS Maps SD Card, you can also opt to get your free upgrade as a downloadable GPS Map. This will mean that you will enter into a Subscription Mode on our site – you will get the latest version downloadable maps that are available for the relevant Subscription product that you qualify for an upgrade for – note that our Subscription Maps versions differ to our SD Card versionsthe latest Subscription Map version is ver 19.09. You will also get at least 2 or more upgrades within in the next year whilst on the Subscription Model. (Our Subscription maps are released every March, June, September and December)

Find more info here on how to access your upgrade on a Subscription instead

Find more info here on how our Subscription Model works