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  • 2) GPS MAPS: Polnav Navigator

    Our Garmin SD cards will not work on this device.
    We manufacture a T4A SD card which runs on WinCE and supply this to Planet Electronics. It could be that this may work however we cannot say for sure as we do not create cards specifically for the device you have. The manufacturer or dealer should be able to assist you with this.
    We do not sell the WinCE cards ourselves but you can contact Planet Electronics.
  • 3) GPS Maps: Basecamp lagging on a MAC

    If you find that Basecamp is running very slowsly on your MAC, and that it is slow to react when you pan or zoom on it: We advise that you uninstall Basecamp. Then update your OS (Operating System) on your MAC. Then reinstall Basecamp. This may resolve your issue.

     The problem lies in Basecamp.

    We have advised Garmin of this issue.

    Temporary Solutions:

    If you have an older GPS unit (ie. Mapsource is only compatible with older units) - Click here to download a free version of Mapsource and to use that instead of BaseCamp. Your problem should then be resolved


    Contact our sales staff for assistance.

    Our sales staff will then send you a temporary download link, containing an .img file which you will have to install on your Garmin unit.

    Please follow these steps once you have received the download link email / download link:

    Please download this file in the email you will receive from Tracks4Africa. You will be directed to a downloads webpage where you will find the .img file to download unless you have been emailed the .img file directly you don't have to access it from a downloads page then.

    It is advisable to access the webpage on the internet, via a Google Chrome or Firefox browser for best results. (ie. do not try to open the downloaded file or run it on your PC - its an .img file for a GPS Unit).

    Then connect your Garmin GPS unit to your PC.

    Then in Windows Explorer, or from a relevant spot in your PC, you need to copy this .img file to either: (Please note different GPS units are behaving differently):

    • an SD Card in your GPS unit directly into a Garmin folder. If that does not work, try to copy the .img file to a Map folder (ie. create this folder on your SD card if there is no such folder yet)
    • or your GPS units' internal memory - to a Garmin folder. If that does not work try to copy the .img file to a Map folder (ie. create this folder on your GPS units internal memory if there is no such folder yet)

    Also, please note:If there are any older Tracks4Africa GPS Map files in your Garmin folder, please copy all these old files to your PC in a safe folder, and then remove them from the Garmin folder on your GPS Unit. Be careful not to remove your Garmaps and their associated license (.lic) files from your GPS units internal memory.

    Your GPS Maps will then be visible on your GPS Unit.

    Troubleshooting:If you loaded the .img file to your GPS units internal memory, and it didn't work, please remove it from there and try loading it to a GARMIN/MAP folder on your SD Card instead, and vice versa following the instructions as per above.

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