• 1) VIDEOS: Installing Tracks4Africa GPS Maps on your Windows PC from an SD Card

  • 2) VIDEOS: Install T4A GPS Maps on Mac (From Digital Download)

  • 3) VIDEOS: Install T4A Maps on Windows From a (Digital Download Link)

  • 4) VIDEOS: A guide to installing MapInstall on your Mac computer

  • 5) VIDEOS: A guide to installing BaseCamp on your Mac computer

  • 6) VIDEOS: A guide to installing BaseCamp on your Windows computer

  • 7) GPS MAPS: Basecamp Export to Excel

    If you save your Basecamp/Mapsource file as a .gpx file (not .gdb),  you can open the .gpx file with excel. You are going to get a few warning messages before the final file will open:

    Click yes.

    Open as an xml.

    Click OK

    If you have tracks and routes in the same file, you will get another error message (you can only open waypoint locations, not tracks and routes)

    Click OK.

    You will now get a spreadsheet with a lot of columns.

  • 8) GPS MAPS: Can I load my T4A Maps onto my Garmin Satellite Navigation System?

    To us a sat nav and GPS is the same thing.
    Our maps are compatible with any map-capable Garmin GPS.  Garmin will specify in the specifications section if a GPS is map-capable and if one can load additional maps, but this is true for almost all of them.
  • 9) GPS MAPS: Can older model Garmin GPS Units, with limited memory, work with T4A GPS Maps?

    Older Garmin GPS models, like for example the Nuvi range, that can use an SD card, can use the T4A GPS maps on SD Card. The internal memory should not be a limitation.
  • 10) GPS MAPS: OS X Lion 10.07 Compatibility

    We have found that the OS X Lion 10.07 is incompatible with our maps, in order to install the T4A maps on your system you will need to upgrade your OS to Mountain Lion.