T4A Guide App

Our latest release is: 2018

Once the basic free Guide App is installed, please try and download the individual maps using a strong internet connection. The maps purchased on in-app purchases are large files. You therefore also need to make sure that you have sufficient storage space on your device.

Please note that our GUIDE APP is only compatible with cellphone, tablet or ipad devices, and Android in-car navigation systems on which the App can be purchased and installed via Google Play on the device itself. (There is no iOS in-car navigation system and we are also not compatible with Apple CarPlay).




  • 1) GUIDE APP: Cannot Reload or Re-install previous purchased map on new phone

    If you need to reinstall your previously purchased maps onto the Guide App on a new phone or different device, you will firstly have to install the basic app again from the Google Play store/iTunes store - the basic free app.

    Then make sure that  you using the same email address on the play store on this phone. The app will recognise the email address you used to purchase the maps, so you have to log into the play store from this phone with the same email address that you used to originally purchase the maps on the app.

  • 2) GUIDE APP: Error “In-app purchases are not allowed”

    If you have installed our guide app, and when trying to purchase and install an in-app purchase, you get an error saying "Purchase: In-app purchases are not allowed" - this is due to a setting on your device.

    Please make sure that you have enabled in-app purchases on your device, in your settings.

    That should solve the problem.


    The App is free to download, with a small demo map of Namibia and Botswana, whereafter you can do an In-App Purchase for the country that you need.
  • 4) GUIDE APP: Where can I purchase the T4A Guide App?

    You can purchase our apps on the Google Play store (for Android Devices like Samsung etc.) or on the iTunes store (for Apple/iOS devices).

    Find the T4A Guide App on iTunes:


    Find the T4A Guide App on the PlayStore:

  • 5) GUIDE APP: Is this a Navigational App?

    NO – this is an Information and GPS Orientation Guide APP. You can pan on the digital country maps on the APP, while the GPS receiver on your device will show you where you are on the map.

    You can then choose to switch on different categories of POIs (*Points of Interest), like Lodging, Camping, Food etc. which will pop up on the map at their relevant locations. So you can see what types of POIs are near to you. On many of the POIs we have information and photos, which you can access on this guide app by tapping on the relevant POI’s icon on the map.

    The App Geolocates all the time.

  • 6) GUIDE APP: Difference between the T4A Guide App and T4A Navigational App

    The T4A Guide App is an information guide, with rich contents and photos on certain Waypoints like lodges, campsites, restaurants etc. all on a digital background map. The user can pan on the map to see his/her location and what typs of Waypoints are nearby. This is NOT a navigational app.

    Have a look at a video here of our Guide App.

    The T4A Navigational App, is basically the T4A GPS maps transformed into a format compatible on smartphones and devices. So you can navigate, set routes etc. on this app, just as you would on a GPS. There is also rich content and photos on Waypoints where available.

    Have a look at a video here of our Navigational App.

    Find the T4A Guide App on iTunes:


    Find the T4A Guide App on the PlayStore:

  • 7) GUIDE APP: What is the difference between the T4A Guide App and the T4A GPS Africa Guide?

    The T4A Guide App is an app that will only run on an android/iOS device - available from the Google Playstore or iTunes.

    The T4A GPS Africa Guide is an information guide file that is directly available on your Garmin GPS Map, it will not work on an android/iOS device. It contains information on places. See more info here.

  • 8) GUIDE APP: Connection Timed Out / Unexpected End of Stream Error: when downloading a map in the guide

    We do suggest that you try and download and install our app using a strong internet connection, and possibly over WIFI.

    Apple is also restricting the download of apps in the App Store to 150Mb over a data connection.

    If you receive the following sort of error when trying to install a map on the in-app purchase option – please see solution below:

    (Note: if you are using a HUAWEI device, then please see right below of this FAQ item for HUAWEI device solution).

    Error encountered on Tracks4Africa Guide App.


    Error:{“code”:3,”source”:”https://tracks4africa.co.za/google/delivery/download/6279f6ff20194739aaec8567e34a0c1d/“,”target”:”file:///data/user/0/za.co.tracks4africa.guide.hybrid/databases/angola_to_mozambique.zip”,”http_status”:200,”body”:null,”exception”:”unexpected end of stream”}


    Please try and download the map again using a strong internet connection. Please note that the size for the maps are big and could take a bit long. Wifi could result in a weak internet connection.

    First try this:

    Whilst ensuring you have a good internet connection, please EXIT our APP as follows: (ie. its important that you exit it correctly):

    • Under MENU – choose EXIT APPLICATION.

    And then try to download the map again.

    If this did not work, then try this please:

    Before trying to download the map again please follow the below steps to uninstall the map that could be partially downloaded.

    Go to:

    ➢  Menu

    ➢  Settings

    ➢  More Settings

    ➢  More Settings

    ➢  More Settings and then select the map to be uninstalled

    If you tried both of these options and your are still unsuccesful, please contact us.

    Also please note: The downloads are also direct from Apple/Google severs so we cannot say if they are up or down from our side.

    HUAWEI device solution

    This seems to be a general problem on some Huawei phones – The Download Progress Bar does not move, but the map is probably downloading in the background. The customer is advised to try and do the download again when there is a very good internet connection available. The customer should then just leave the phone and not be too bothered by the fact that that progress bar is not moving. This should sort out the problem.

  • 9) GUIDE APP: Is it a requirement to have a sim card with local internet credit installed for the app to work?

    No you do not need a Sim installed at all. GPS receiver on your device will show you where you are on the map. The App Geolocates all the time.

    Its just that on Apple devices, only the ones with 3G capability has an installed GPS receiver, and you will require that in order for our apps to work on your device.


    If the I-Pad does not have have 3G, it does not have a GPS Receiver,  iPads with only WiFi does not have a GPS receiver built in (but can still determine your approximate location when in range of a WiFi network).
    You will still be able to use your Ipad to view the Map, but you will not be able to see where you are on the Map, unless you are within range of a Wi-Fi network.
    Also, due to the limitations coming from Apple, any iPad without 3G wont work with GPS positioning, no matter if its paired to another GPS capable device.
  • 10) GUIDE APP: Where can I find more information on this Guide App?