• 1) GUIDE APP: Problem Downloading the South African Map on IOS

    There is a Apple bug on the IOS version of the Guide App.  The user will report that they cannot download the SA Map.  This happens only when they are doing so on Data instead of using a WiFi connection.


    Apple is restricting the download of apps and in-app purchases in the App Store to 150Mb over a data connection.  There seems to be a bug with regards to the way this message is displayed on the in-app purchases and users do not see this message from Apple.  We have reported the problem and we are also looking for a work around to warn users.  However for now, please connect to the internet via  WiFI and then restart the download by either using Restore Purchases or clicking on the buy button again.  The App Store will recognise that you already purchased this item and not charge your account again.  A message to this effect will display at the end of the purchase process.

    We do apologise for the inconvenience caused but this is a limitation introduced by Apple.


    The App is free to download, with a small demo map of Namibia and Botswana, whereafter you can do an In-App Purchase for the country that you need.

    If you need to access your iTunes account from another device, you need to log into that device, with your account.

    Just remember, that you'll have to switch back to the other account each time you need to update or download an app:

    Launch the settings app on your iPhone or iPad

    • Tap on "iTunes & App Stores"
    • Tap on your Apple ID
    • Tap on "Sign Out"
    • Then on the same screen, tap on "Sign In"
    • Enter a different Apple Id and Password
    • Tap on "Sign In"

    Read more here on Apples family sharing.

  • 4) GUIDE APP: Do I need a SIM card in my device for the APP to work?

    No, the sim card is not required. The devices’ GPS must be on and the app must be allowed to use the location service of the device. None of these are dependant on a SIM card being present. The APP will continue working without Internet signal, but needs location functionality.
  • 5) GUIDE APP: Can I transfer my in-app map purchases from IOS to Android or vice versa?

    The apps are unfortunately built for the particular Operating System and since one purchases the guides from the app store there is no way to transfer purchases between Apple and Google stores.

  • 6) GUIDE APP: In-App Purchase on Map Failed / Maps won’t download

    If you have purchased a map via and in-app purchase, and it did not download then you can simply go to the Manage Maps section in our app and click on the map again. The system will recognise that you already purchased the Namibia guide and it will try to download again.

    Alternatively, follow these steps in order to rectify this:

    The first step is to verify that the purchase was successful, i.e. did you get confirmation from Apple/Google that you bought these in-app purchases.

    We suggest you restart your device, make sure you are on a good internet connection (file downloads are big).

    Then open the app and go to the menu where you buy maps. At the bottom of this window there is a Restore Purchases button. Click this to restart the downloads. They will take a while to download and your internet connection should not be interrupted.

    The files are quite big so you need to be on a good internet connection to download these. The downloads are also direct from Apple/Google severs so we cannot say if they are up or down from our side.

  • 7) GUIDE APP: How do I get UPDATES for this APP?

    Once you have installed the APP on your device, it should automatically update as new versions are released.

    For ANDROID: Please check these settings in your Playstore: (ie. Also please double check the settings by googling these steps on the internet)
    Tap Play Store.
    Tap the Play Store Menu icon.
    Tap Settings.
    Tap Auto-update apps.
    To enable automatic application updates, tap Auto-update apps at any time or Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

    For Apple (iPhone, Ipad): Please check these settings in your iStore: 

    (ie. Also please double check the settings by googling these steps on the internet)
    Tap “Settings” on your devices’home screen.
    On the left side of the “Settings” screen, tap “iTunes & App Store”.
    Under “iTunes & App Stores” on the right, tap the slider button to the right of “Update”.
    You can make sure your device only uses Wi-Fi to download the updates. To do this, tap the “Use Cellular Data” slider button.
    If you App is still not updating try this:
    You can also go into the top right hand corner of the App to the "Manage Maps" menu, and click on "Update" if there is an option like that showing.
    OR else see our FAQ: "Guide App: Reinstalling a Map on the Guide App".
  • 8) GUIDE APP: How do I know if the Guide App is compatible with my device?

    The initial installation of this APP is free, including a demo map of Namibia and Botswana.

    Try to download and install that – if you have problems with this, then the chances are good that your device is not compatible.

    Known devices that are not compatible:

    HTC m7 phone Huawei ALE-L02 Samsung S3 + S2

    Known devices that are compatible:

    Samsung S6, S8

  • 9) GUIDE APP: Error: You cannot get In-App Purchases for this App – You can only get In-App Purchases from apps associated with your Apple ID

    Scenario: You downloaded and installed the Guide App on your phone. At a later stage when trying to do an in-app map purchase, you get an error on your device saying: You cannot get In-App Purchases for this App – You can only get In-App Purchases from apps associated with your Apple ID.


    When installing the guide app initially, a certain i-Tunes account is used. If wanting to do an in-app purchase then or at a later stage, the exact same i-Tunes account used for installing the app initially, must be used for the in-app purchases, otherwise you will get the error: You cannot get In-App Purchases for this App – You can only get In-App Purchases from apps associated with your Apple ID.

  • 10) GUIDE APP: Installing the Android Guide App on more than one Android Device

    The T4A Guide App is linked to the Google Account that made the purchase. Normal Google Play App store rules apply and there is nothing specific about our App that differs from standard App store rules.

    Google could possibly allow you to download the App onto several devices linked to the same account and they may change this rule if they suspect it is being abused. But that is something that customers should then should take up with Google. If your device is stolen and you get a new one and sign in with that same account you should be able to download the T4A Guide App again.