If you have purchased a version 20.05 GPS Maps SD Card  from us, you will now qualify for an upgrade to our latest version 20.05.03 or you can opt to receive your upgrade on via Downloadable GPS Maps instead, which means you will enter into a Subscription Model on our site for a year. (ie. the Subscription Release version will not be the same as the SD Card Release version, but it will be the latest GPS map available on the Subscription model – and you will receive at least another 4 upgrades over the next year on this model)

Your discount coupons for your upgrade will be available on our online shop when you purchase the new Subscription for the Complete set of maps.

To access your upgrade on Subscription for Complete set of GPS Maps for 1 year:

Login to our new online site:

Find this latest Subscription Product in the shop. In the menu go to:

Shop > GPS Maps (Downloadable)

Choose the Complete Map Set Subscription with 1 year updates and add it to your cart.

And then proceed to View Cart.

A 100% loyalty discount coupon will automatically be deducted from your cart total.

See example below on how to get your upgrade via a Download Link with 1 Year Updates – simply add the map to your Cart – and notice that the discount coupon is already deducted from your cart total!

(See this example image below – please note this example is based on an older version Subscription)

See our User Guides and videos here  with easy to follow step by step instructions to assist you with installing the GPS Maps purchased as Download Links, onto your PC for route planning, to transfer them to your GPS etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have “purchased” your downloadable link upgrade (ie. it is 100% free) – the link will be available under your account on our site: See: My Account > Subscriptions. Your download link is now a “subscription” and you will get more free upgrades over the next year. You will be notified.

Subscription Release Versions vs SD Card Release Versions

Please note that our Subscription Products and SD Card products are too completely seperate products, and managed differently. The release versions for the two products also usually varies:

SD Card Release Versions:

  • May (eg. 20.05)
  • October (eg. 20.10)
    • Note: Due to COVID-19 impact on retailers we have decided not to release a packaged 20.10 version. We opted to update the 20.05 maps to version 20.05.03 and use the same packaging as for 20.05. All customers who purchased 20.05 will receive this map update together with an additional map update in May 2021 (version 21.05).

Subscription Product Versions:

  • March (eg. 20.03)
  • June (eg. 20.06) (ie. for 2020 we released a 20.05 subscription upgrade version)
  • September (eg. 20.09)
  • December (eg. 20.12)

Therefore, if you purchased for example a v20.05 SD Card, and opted for your free upgrade on a Subscription product – you will receive the latest version that is available on the Subscription product, which could be v20.03, v20.06 or v20.09 etc. depending on when during the year you opt for this product as your upgrade. So the SD Card product versions will never be the same as the Subscription product versions and vice versa.

To access your upgrade on SD Card:

If you have purchased a version 20.05 GPS Maps SD Card, and you registered it on our Online shop, you can also opt to get your free upgrade on an SD Card for version 20.05.03 (ie. Note that the packaging for version 20.05 will still be used in 2020 wrt Covid etc.)

See here on how.