Let us explain how our upgrade policy works on our Garmin GPS Maps on SD CARD:

SD CARD Upgrade Policy

At Tracks4Africa, we officially update our GPS maps on SD Card for Garmin units twice a year, every May and October:

  • Our 2405 May release version will be named “24.05” (ie. 2024 May month release)
  • Our 2410 October release version will be named “24.10” (ie. 2024 October month release)
  • Note: our SD Cards releases and upgrades differ to our Subscription releases and upgrades, they are completely seperate, and are also usually versioned differently.

If you have purchased an SD card:

  • Our next release will be your free upgrade
  • Any SD card purchase thereafter, will be discounted at 50%
  • Then a free upgrade again
  • Then a 50% discount upgrade again and so on.

Note: The 50% discount does not apply to the same SD Card version. So if someone buys an SD Card and receives a 50% discount, it cannot be applied to another SD Card of the same version and also not to a download link of the same version.

Free Upgrade

You will receive our following release as a free upgrade if you have registered your SD Card purchase on our site. Eg. If you purchased ver 24.05, then ver 24.10 will be your free upgrade.

Note that free upgrades on SD Card is only possible with the current release, and only if you qualify for an upgrade for the current release. (ie. the only way we will know is if you have registered your SD Card on our site).

Read here on how to access your FREE Upgrade on SD Card for the latest release.

50% Discount Upgrade

Is available to anyone that purchased our GPS maps on SD Card in the past (ie.this excludes people qualifying for the free upgrade). For example, if you bought the SD Card in May 2017 (17.05) (ie. you would’ve received our October 2017 (17.10) as your free upgrade), and our current release is our May version (24.05), you will get a 50% discount upgrade on the latest version.

A discounted upgrade purchase entitles you to the next release as a free upgrade again.

Note: our system will only apply a 50% discount upgrade if a previous purchase of your SD card is registered on our system.

Please note that this discount is only available on our online store, and not at retailers. To qualify for the discounted upgrade, you must please make sure that all your SD card purchases are registered on our website.

What must I do to ensure I receive my free upgrade?

To qualify for the discount upgrade, you must please make sure that you register your SD Card on our online store. (ie. You need your original SD Card Packaging, which contains the Serial Number on the outside, and Product Key/Number on the inside).

What must I do to ensure I receive my 50% discount upgrade?

If your previous SD Card purchase is registered on our system, our system will recognise that you qualify for a 50% discount, but also only after you have received your free upgrade.

How will I receive my free upgrade?

You will be notified via email. You can however proceed to our online store, add the latest GPS Maps on SD card to your cart, where you will have a 90% OR 100% free coupon to claim.

You can opt to receive your upgrade either:


  • Via a Download link with a 100% free coupon (ie. You will be emailed a zipped file containing the full set of T4A GPS Maps in an .exe file) (Note: you will receive the latest version of Download GPS Map File links that are available for a Subscription – it will not be the same version as the SD Cards – the versioning and release dates differ between SD Cards and Subscription – Downloadable Maps).


What is the difference in receiving my Free Upgrade on:

  • SD Card: this is easier, as its “plug n play” – so you simply insert the SD card into your GPS unit, and you are ready to go. You receive one free upgrade within the year.


  • Download Link (ie. Subscriptions): this is a bit more complicated, as you will need to install free Garmin Software called Mapsource or Basecamp, which will enable you to view our GPS maps on your PC, and then you need to transfer the maps to your Garmin unit plugged into your PC, via a USB cable. You can receive up to 3 free upgrades within a year when on the Subscription Model. (Note: we do have FAQ documentation to assist you)

See more info here on how to access your free upgrade.

What if I miss my Free Upgrade Email?

No problem. Your free coupons are linked to your profile and to our GPS maps on our system. So as soon as you head to our online shop, and checkout with our SD Card or Download links, you will see your coupons appear on the Checkout for claiming.

Can I miss my Free Upgrade?

Yes you can – If you purchased an SD card and it is not registered on our site, then we cannot provide you with a free upgrade. Therefore its very important to make sure that your SD card is registered on our site, using the product code/number and serial number on the SD card packaging. You can register your SD Card at any time!

How long do I have to register an SD Card for my Free Upgrade?

There is no time limit. You can register your SD Card at any given time, but just take note that you will receive the following available version to the one you registered, as your free upgrade, and you will not necessarily receive our latest version as your free upgrade. Eg. If you registered ver 17.05, you will receive an email notifying you of your free upgrade for ver 17.10. (ie. Although our latest release at that point in time may be for example, ver 24.05).

Also note that if you register a very old SD Card version – we can only give you your upgrade on a Downloadable File and not on SD Card. We can only supply upgrades on SD Card, if the current version that is on SD Card on our shop is the SD Card version you qualify for as your free upgrade.

What’s new in a release?

Note that we are on a daily basis updating and working on our maps with regards to new data and information we receive from our community of travellers. Further to that our GIS and Research teams are working on other projects for improvement constantly.

To release a new release on SD card involves alot of cost, logistics and admin, therefore we do this twice a year only.

We routinely officially update the maps every May and October and while the changes vary from region to region, there are always roads and places that need to be updated. You may not see radical changes from one release to the next but we are constantly adding to the map, fixing errors or taking places off when we know they have closed.

If you know of any such changes you are most welcome to let us know at newdata@tracks4africa.co.za.

You can also view the changes on the description on our SD Card product page.

Subscription Release Versions vs SD Card Release Versions

Please note that our Subscription Products and SD Card products are too completely seperate products, and managed differently. The release versions for the two products also varies:

SD Card Release Versions:

  • May (eg. 24.05)
  • October (eg. 24.10)

Subscription Product Versions:

  • March (eg. 24.03)
  • June (eg. 24.06) (Note: for 2020: this version was 20.05)
  • September (eg. 24.09)
  • December (eg. 24.12)

An SD card upgrade does not imply that there is now a Subscription upgrade too, and a Subscription upgrade does not imply that there is now an SD Card upgrade. The SD Card product versions will never be the same as the Subscription product versions and vice versa.

Therefore, if you purchased for example a v23.10 SD Card (ie. October 2023), and opted for your free upgrade on a Subscription product – you will receive the latest version that is available on the Subscription product, which could be v24.03 (ie. 2024 March) or v24.06 (ie. 2024 June) etc. depending on when during the year you opt for this product as your upgrade.

Any problems?

Please contact our sales team at sales@tracks4africa.co.za with as much information as possible such as:

  • Your full name & surname
  • The email address you registered with on our system
  • Your SD Card Serial Number (on the outside of the SD Card packaging)
  • Your Product Key/Number (on the inside of the SD Card packaging)
  • The SD card version/s you have purchased