GPS Maps v24.05 on SD Card for Garmin GPS Systems ONLY

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NEW! Released 15 May 2024

Tracks4africa produces quality GPS maps for self-drive tourists in Africa. T4A GPS maps provide detailed coverage to tourists across Southern and Eastern Africa. Lots of information is included on places such as national parks, popular rendezvous spots and places off the beaten track.

If you purchase our GPS Maps on SD Card, you will be entitled to:
What is new on the T4A GPS Maps 24.05.

Cancellation and Returns Policy.

Product Description

T4A GPS Maps are preloaded onto an SD card for ease of use.

Included in this package you will find:

  • Prerequisites: This map is compatible with Garmin map capable GPS units only. 
  • Micro SD card with Standard Adapter.
  • T4A GPS Maps are already loaded onto the SD card, simply insert the card into your compatible Garmin GPS and start to navigate.
  • T4A Africa Guide is preloaded and ready to use on compatible devices. This product contains contact details, rates, activities, facilities and photos for selected points on our maps.
  • If your GPS does not use an SD Card: Install files for PC and Mac users are also included on the SD card, which will allow you to install the maps on your computer, and then transfer them to your GPS unit. See Software Required below.

Software Required: In order to view this map on your Computer and to perform route planning, you will need free Software from Garmin:

  • For Windows: Mapinstall. Then Basecamp or Mapsource too.
  • For MAC: Mapinstall. Then Basecamp too.

For assistance – please see the HELP tab on this screen.

T4A GPS Maps Explained – watch this video:

Please consider submitting your travel data to us. See here for more information.

Additional Information

Weight 360 g
Product Type

GPS Maps on SD Card for Garmin GPS Systems




Garmin GPS – Mapsource or BaseCamp required

Points of Interest

274 264


1 419 970km

Publishing House


GPS Map size


Current Version



Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, DRC Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Reunion, Rwanda, Sao Tome & Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Western Sahara, Zambia, Zimbabwe



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1. How to use T4A GPS Maps (on SD Card) on your Garmin GPS

So this is simply Plug ‘n Play!

Insert the T4A GPS Maps SD card into your Garmin GPS Unit. Use either the Micro SD card plus Standard adapter or the Micro SD card depending on what type of SD card reader you have on your GPS.

Example – Using the Micro SD Card in a Garmin Unit:

Extract the micro SD card from the adapter, and only insert the micro SD card into the Garmin GPS Unit.

2. Setting up your GPS, Basic functions of a Garmin GPS unit

If wanting to use the Tracks4Africa GPS maps on your unit – make sure that you have ONLY selected these maps on your unit – if city street maps for example, are ticked as well as the T4A maps, you will get undesirable results. You can find this under settings / My Map / Map Info etc. depending on the GPS model you are using.

Then, please check these important settings so that you can get the best performance from your Garmin GPS unit using the Tracks4Africa GPS Maps.

3. Trip Planning

Install your T4A GPS Maps onto your Windows PC:

So you may want to view your Tracks4Africa GPS maps on your PC in order to do some trip planning.

You will need to install free software from Garmin onto your PC – BaseCamp – see in this video how:

*Note: To install BaseCamp on a MAC see here.

Then you will need to install MapInstall too – see in this video how:

*Note: To install MapInstall on a MAC see here.

Now you are ready to transfer the Tracks4Africa GPS Maps from the SD Card in your Garmin Unit – to your Windows PC – see in this video how:

*Note: To transfer your maps to a MAC see here.

For more support see:

User Guides & Videos


Choosing a Garmin GPS

More uses for your GPS than navigation

The right GPS for navigation with Tracks4Africa Maps

What is overland navigation?

How to plan your route

68 reviews for GPS Maps v24.05 on SD Card for Garmin GPS Systems ONLY

  1. Christopher Boreham (verified owner)

    As usual, Tracks 4 Africa great service and delivery time. Tracks for Africa GPS maps have never disappointed . Every time i open a new version on my GPS , i am very impressed with all new data, roads, fuel stations, accommodation places etc added. Keep up the good workT4A. When i receive my SD card and load it , my wife and i just want to get in our off-road camper and travel. I have the big map , the A3 Atlas and my GPS, and using all 3 if necessary, I’ve never been lost. Well Done T4A.

  2. Christman (verified owner)

    Amazing amount of information.Looking foreword to use it as well as my Namibia bundle on my upcoming trip.Very good service as well from the team.

  3. Johan Rothmann (verified owner)

    Great service, well documented with lots of guidance. Excellent product. You cannot leave SA borders overlanding without this – even inside SA.

  4. Christopher Boreham (verified owner)

    Gps maps and info on the SD Card just get better and better every time you open it up. Travel is such a pleasure these days with all the info you need at your fingertips, fuel stations ,accommodations, attractions etc.

  5. Paul van Schaik (verified owner)

    Thank you. I received the SD Card with GPS Maps v22.05 recently and am looking forward to using it for my trips to the remote areas of our beautiful country and Namibia. My old version served me well for a long time. Thanks.

  6. Christopher Boreham (verified owner)

    Virtually every time i open my GPS and search ,i find what i am looking for with the new upgraded Gps Maps v22.05. I just love using Gps Maps and my new map book to find new places and new travel routes. Tracks4Africa maps and Gps SD card are the best to navigate today.

  7. Xen Ludick (verified owner)

    Having just received the latest SD Card with GPS Maps v22.05 I must say it is a vast improvement on the previous version that I have and works like a dream on my GPS and computer – time to start the new adventure – Thanks Track4Africa for a professional product – here’s to many more

  8. Christopher Boreham (verified owner)

    I use the SD Card in my Garmin 276cx and never have a problem. The updates on the card improve with every new version. Updates on more place to stay etc are excellent as well as the database on campsites. I will never travel without my updated SD Card with Tracks 4 Africa.

  9. Eduard de Koning (verified owner)

    A Tracks4Africa SD card is a must for every traveler, not only for South Africa but for use in all African countries! With lots of information on it, you can’t travel without one.

  10. Hennie le Roux (verified owner)

    Received in good time. Usefull training videos that make installation on my Garmin Drive 55 pretty easy.

  11. Christopher Boreham (verified owner)

    Excellent Upgrade already loaded on my GPS. Every time you open a new Version so much more info. Just cant wait to start travelling again. Best delivery service from Tracks for Africa again as usual.

  12. dangriesel (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Excellent service from T4A. As usual !

  13. Morne Binedell (verified owner)

    As good as it gets! Tried and trusted.

  14. Janine Reyneke (verified owner)

    Hi Riaan

    Thanks for your review. Can you please send the details about the missing roads to our GIS team at so that we can investigate and fix these roads in this area.

    best regards

  15. RiaanH (verified owner)

    Enjoy using T4A, I jumped from 2010 map to GPS Maps v20.05.03. I at least now don’t need to search roads on their previous name. I expected this version to at least show roads within certain areas, and other surrounds that the older version does. Instead I drive on roads that are not there. Even a road around the corner where Complexes have been erected 2-3 years ago don’t have a road or road names – strange! Other than that you are able to find your way. Trusting this will be rectified in the update!

  16. (verified owner)

    Really happy with the maps, still trying to get to understand and navigate properly, but very happy. Thank you.

  17. Christopher Boreham (verified owner)

    Always satisfied with T4A upgrades. Always new campsites and places to see in the upgrades. Navigation is uncomplicated using T4A maps , and service from T4A when purchasing any product is always First Class. Very Satisfied.

  18. Carel van der Merwe (verified owner)

    Yet another great update from T4A. I’ve been using the T4A maps for planning and navigating my adventures since 2012 and I’m very satisfied with the product. It is always a pleasure planning my adventure using the T4A maps and it is nice to see that they keep on improving the maps and other information.

  19. Carel van der Merwe (verified owner)

    Excellent service and speedy delivery. I know that the 20.05 version will be even better than my previous version.

  20. Peter Cole (verified owner)

    I have used T4A GPS Maps on my Garmin GPS for the last 5 or 6 years and upgrade every year, they are invaluable when traveling in Africa off the beaten track and continue guiding you safely even when the cell phone signal disappears! Thoroughly recommended for Africa travelers, and as usual excellent service and prompt courier delivery from T4A. Peter Cole

  21. Johan Prinsloo (verified owner)

    Many thanks for excellent service during this lock-down period and the speedy delivery of my 20.05 SD card. I trust that the card will do the job as good and even better than the previous one. Will test it as soon as movement between provinces and the neighbouring countries is possible again. Johan Prinsloo

  22. Morne Binedell (verified owner)

    Brilliant service as always. Remarkable Product! No issues so far.

  23. Giles Kelmanson (verified owner)

    Brilliant product. This is my second T4A SD card I’ve purchased and I’m very happy. Great service too. Delay very was swift despite the lockdown situation. Thanks very much T4A team.

  24. Pieter Booyens (verified owner)

    I bought my first T4A map on a SD card in 2012. Since then I have never been without the latest update of the maps. We do short trips in South Africa and longer trips to neighbouring countries. Never ever has T4A let us down. There were the one or two odd occasions that turned out to be human error with the settings on our GPS. We are now starting to plan for our longer trip during which we will visit Botswana, Namibia and Angola (plan to be away between 25 and 35 days) and has therefor just installed the latest version of T4A on my laptop and on the GPS. All that I can say is, T4A you are tops!!

  25. Martin Van Rensburg (verified owner)

    Martin van Rensburg

    Service excellence !

  26. Garth Diers (verified owner)

    Garth Diers
    Thank you the service by Melanie ease of ordering and instant delivery to my home was a pleasure.

  27. CathyBuggs (verified owner)

    A great product, supported by a team that provides excellent service. My order arrived promptly and it was super easy to install. BaseCamp has the map info and it was simple to upload to my Montana. Also nice to interface to Google Maps and bring all the waypoints of recommended campsites out of Google and into BaseCamp and then include them as waypoints in T4A. Planning for our Namibia trip is ongoing. Thank you T4A.

  28. Claus Riding (verified owner)

    Happy with the service, happy with the update, happy with the ease of transferring the map to my PC. Use it with my GPSMap 66s.

  29. Pierre70 (verified owner)

    A have received very good service from the T4A team and the product was with me at no time. Used it in a Nuvi 52 as an additional map. No problems encountered on the first run. Looking forward to use it in my next planned off-road trip.

  30. Castleden (verified owner)

    As usual a great product. Good to see upgraded information of a fordable river crossing near Wuppertal – previous version failed to navigate a route across! Looking forward to using T4A in future safari’s

  31. Henk Theron (verified owner)

    Quick and efficient service from T4A. They changed my address very quickly and delivered even quicker. I will review the product after I have used it extensively on my Garmin. Thank you T4A.

  32. Rick Phipson (verified owner)

    Quick and efficient service from Melanie, who responded promptly to my request for delivery to a different address, and made it happen – many thanks, T4A!

  33. Janine Reyneke (verified owner)

    Hi Marius – unfortunately not. regards Janine

  34. Marius De Klerk (verified owner)

    Excellent service, from order, to delivery. Great to see some ROOF OF AFRICA routes in Lesotho.Will it be possible to contact the organizers of the ROOF OF AFRICA to get previous years routes also on T4AFRICA.

  35. Janine Reyneke (verified owner)

    Hi Alfred

    Thanks for your comment. According to our records Melanie from our sales team sent you an email on 24 October to offer assistance with the problematic SD card. We do not have any record of a further response from you. Perhaps miscommunication, I’m not sure. But yes, it indeed appears it was a faulty sd card. I apologise for that. Can we send our May 2020 version to you as a free upgrade? regards Janine

  36. Alfred Wild (verified owner)

    Purchase and delivery were efficient, however, I had planned a long trip to KNP, and downloaded it to my GPSMap60CSX. On departure with the new card inserted, the Garmin would not operate properly (Locking up or failing to switch on properly). It was extremely frustrating. On my return I inserted an old 2013 card which worked perfectly.
    I contacted T4A by e-mail to try and resolve the problem, but was not successful in achieving anything, and was thus forced to get my upgrade with a new card at a cost of R200 plus minus. The new card works fine.
    Why could T4A not acknowledge their card or the programming was faulty, and recall and replace it?
    I have been using T4A for many years, and many overland trips, and find it great.

  37. Johan Hickman (verified owner)

    Ek wens Christell Jantjies van T4A het vir my gewerk. Sy het absoluut puik diens gelewer!!!!!!!

  38. Johan Steyl (verified owner)

    Die bestelling, betaling en aflwering per courier het glad en vlot verloop. Dankie,
    Sal met die tyd sien hoe verbeteringe op die kaart my sal bevoordeel, maar na jarelange gebruik van t4a glo ek die nuwe kaart sal my ook help om uit tekom by afgeleë bestemmings op hierdie uitdagende kontinent van ons. Baie dankie en Mooi Loop. Johan steyl

  39. Janine Reyneke (verified owner)

    Hi Alan
    Our maps are not street address maps – so you cannot use our maps to route to a specific street number – we do however have most streets on our maps – you should be able to route to a street. So I’m not sure if that was the problem perhaps. But here will be a logical explanation for this. Please contact our sales team with more info so that they can assist you. Contact them at

    best regards

  40. Bernard Snyman (verified owner)

    Very comprehensive and easy to use. Prompt and accurate ordering online.

  41. Alan Martin (verified owner)

    Sorry to say folks but I am not at all happy with the new upgrade and I am reverting to my old sd card. Have just returned from a trip to Kloof in Durban where the unit was unable to find addresses and resorted to telling me to proceed 1000 mtrs and navigate off road no matter which way I turned. I am only glad that I did not throw my old sd card away.

  42. Johan Rothmann (verified owner)

    Excellent service, from order, to delivery, to after sales follow-up. Product itself is of top-notch quality as usual and works exactly as promised and explained. It is essential for overlanding in Southern Africa.

  43. Willem Basson (verified owner)

    Ordered over the weekend and received on Tuesday. Excellent

  44. Christopher van Zyl (verified owner)

    I was absolutely blown away when I received a phone call from Christell offering to register my SD cards only 9 minutes after placing my electronic order. Furthermore the next day – less than 24 hours after submitting my order – my parcel was delivered. I have yet to experience service & commitment of this level in RSA – Well Done !! Great product – I have already loaded onto all my computers to aid my planning of many trips. Lesotho here we come in 4 weeks time – Thank you Tracks 4 Africa

  45. Chris Roux (verified owner)

    Excellent service and fast delivery. Thank you for that. Tracks4Africa is the “Go to” mapping and route planning system for me. Great product.

  46. Ben Schoeman (verified owner)

    Excellent service and a fantastic map. Will be using it in Namibia during our trip later in June. Thanks T4A team and community for all your efforts.

  47. Johann Retief (verified owner)

    I ordered the product and within 1 day I received it. Tx T4A team!!! I used the maps over the weekend and are very happy and pleased with the product!!!!

  48. Johan van den Heever (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service T4A, delivery was quick and the SD card worked fine. All instructions were clear and easy to follow. The added Paper map of SA that came with it is absolutely awesome and very good quality. I would recommend this map to any user.

  49. David Macdonald (verified owner)

    Great customer service, delivery was quick and the SD card worked fine. All instructions were clear and easy to follow. I have to add that the Paper map of SA that came with it is absolutely awesome and very good quality. I would recommend this map over and above any other provider.

  50. Mr Ben (verified owner)

    Delivery from SA to UK was remarkably fast. The SD card loaded up easily and installed to BaseCamp with no problems. I haven’t used it in earnest yet but my brief look at the map in BaseCamp leads me to believe that it is more accurate and hase more road details than the Garmin equivalent. I am off to Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia soon and I am confident that I won’t get lost this time as I did with the Garmin East Africa SD

  51. Hugo Badenhorst (verified owner)

    We never leave without T4A. New version is a great product. Keep up the good work. We will surely test it next month on our trip to Namibia and Botswana and driving through Kaokoland and rural areas.

  52. Stephen Dominic (verified owner)

    I have been using T4A for the last 4 years, particularly in the more remote areas of Namibia and Botswana and I wouldn’t won’t to go off road without it. When you are in the middle of nowhere and you come to that folk in the sand track or even worse multiple splits in the track and there is T4A showing you which way to go. Whilst I’m still a big fan of old fashioned map navigation, its very reassuring having the backup of the T4A mapping. I’ve just upgraded to 18.10 and am looking forward to checking it out on our next trip to Namibia.

  53. Robert Vaughan (verified owner)

    Great to have the updated version. Thanks for a great service T4A gives us all.

  54. Martin Van Der Merwe (verified owner)

    Cannot do without it. Please continue with the good work to keep us and off the road safely!!

  55. Peter West (verified owner)

    The supply of the disk was quick – four working days to the UK. I have a fairly old Garmin nuvi 250W satnav and as T4A say you ‘just insert the SD card and off you go’. Very straightforward indeed! I have looked up the places we are due to stay at when we go to South Africa/Swaziland and all seems to be fine. I will be putting the mapping on my laptop using Garmin Basecamp – this too looks straight forward. When touring Namibia I used the T4A mapping on the same satnav and found it first class. From what I can see the rest of the mapping is up to the same standard. The only minus point is that when DHL delivered the disk I had to pay an extra £23 (UK) duty – it is a shame that this wasn’t clearer when I placed the order.

  56. JP Groenewald (verified owner)

    Hi Arrie, thanks for this comment. I drove that road last year October and it was on the map and I checked 18.06 to confirm that it is there. But I see for some reason it was left out on 18.10, which points to a grave error in our system. We will investigate and correct. Regards Johann Groenewald

  57. Arrie Lombard (verified owner)

    I agree. However I am disappointed that the Mongu bridge over the Zambezi that was completed at least two to three years ago, is still not shown on the map.

  58. Martin Summerley (verified owner)

    Old faithful just keeps on getting better! NEVER leave home without it.

  59. philippe fatzer (verified owner)

    Quite dis-appointed : had to acquire some physical Shell maps of Moremi and Chobe for o/seas friends travelling with us, to realize that there were a couple of tracks that were not present on T4A

  60. David Olds (verified owner)

    I am new at this and very technically challanged so for me to not only down load Base Camp but to get Tracks4Africa onto my computer, proved to be much easier than I thought possible. I am at the moment in the throws of planning routes, I will let you know how that goes.

  61. Steve Miller (verified owner)

    Easy to load, simple to use with Basecamp, and great detail. I managed to plot a 14 day Malawi trip with ease – all the overnight stops I’d booked were loaded and the software suggested some great routes. I wouldn’t venture off-road without T4A.

  62. Marius Hoffman (verified owner)

    Excellent. I encountered no problem what so ever with my pre-loaded SD card version 18.05, and installing the maps on my PC (Windows 10), was a breeze thanks to your clear installation instructions. I will be using the upgraded T4A maps shortly.

  63. Fanie Immelman (verified owner)

    I am impressed with the assistance that I received with the loading of the new version onto the GPS. Your after sales service is excellent.

  64. Duncan Macdonald (verified owner)

    T4A map was easy to install on my iMac but transfer using BaseCamp to my 276Cx was a major issue. Finally successful after seven or eight attempts. Have no idea what I did differently on the successful attempt.
    Love the maps but only give four stars because of the transfer issues.

  65. Chris Beater (verified owner)

    This is the third T4A version I have purchased (version 18.05) and use it on a Garmin GPSmap 60 CSx. The earlier versions were indispensable for me in my work environment as field geologist. I also use the software extensively in Botswana and Namibia and look forward to using the latest vession later in the year when I travel to Okavango and Chobe. I would recommend Tracks4Africa to anyone interested in outdoor adventure.

  66. Harry Wagener (verified owner)

    This is the third T4A version h I have purchased, I have done more than 80 off-road trips and found the last two absolutely perfect I am sure the new upgrade will be even better. I will be using it shortly and will comment on how it went

  67. Jaco Denkema (verified owner)

    There’s a lot to like about T4A maps. I bought this Full Africa Map set to update my previous 2012 version. The ordering and courier delivery process was fast and efficient and as always the map loaded first time in my ancient Nuvi 710. Opening the new maps in Mapsource revealed a large number of additional roads and tracks since my previous 2012 version. I am very satisfied both by the product itself and the efficient ordering and delivery process, not to say about the loyalty discount for returning customers!

  68. Stawie Fouche (verified owner)

    The map s v 18.05 was easy to install on my computer with windows 7 as operating system. With the new micro card in my Nuvy 500 it works easy from the start.I am very satisfied with my purcase .

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